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Our 5- point guide to conference calls

Staying content, productive and connected while working from home

The Covid- 19 outbreak has brought many changes to each of our lives, as the majority of companies were forced to move their employees into home office.

The Changes are most apparent in the way we communicate, as we are now completely reliant on our technical devices. Finally, we have an excuse to be seemingly glued to our screens, as they are our only windows to the outside world. In this new reality, video calls are becoming the new norm, not only when talking to your friends, but also when discussing corporate matters.

While conference calls are in no way a new invention, for most people, they haven’t been a daily occurrence either.

So, to help you navigate this new way of communicating, and maybe save you from the temptation of having all your conference calls in pyjamas and slippers, we have come up with a 5- point guide that teaches you the Dos- and Don’ts- for video conference calls.

1 – Check your technology

Let’s start with the basics.

Of course, you want your call to go as smoothly as possible – that won’t be possible if your microphone keeps cutting off or your video freezes every 10 seconds.

So before you go in, make sure to do a quick check of your audio, camera and internet connection. You don’t want to be the one, holding up the call.

2 – Look the part

When working from the comfort of your home, it’s tempting to pull out the joggers and spend your days working on the couch. However, looking presentable and keeping your place tidy will without a doubt have a positive effect on your working from home experience and improve your conference calls.

On the one hand, dressing like you usually do, even if it’s just for the camera, will help keep your routine going and therefore keep you productive and professional. Looking the part, in this case, will have you feeling the part too.

This applies to your backdrop as well. While it doesn’t have to be spotless, tidying it up every once in a while, should definitely be on your to-do-list.

3 – Tell your partner/ friends/ roommates

Once you get into the flow of an online meeting, you don’t want anything or anyone distract you. Now that the people you’re living with, are most likely at home, them walking in on your video conference is a lot more likely. 

To prevent any distractions and frustrations, make sure to tell whoever you’re living with about your conference call.

4 – Stick to one spot

I’m sure, I’m not the only one who experiences this strange phenomenon, whenever I start a long phone call. For some weird reason, I always get the strange urge to move around as much as possible whenever I pick up the phone.

While that might be fine when on the phone with a friend, a constant change of scenery is not really optimal for a conference call. It can be rather distracting for your conversation partners and make you seem unfocused.

Instead, try to find a space you’re comfortable in and stick to it.

5 – Stay focused

This one might sound obvious, but checking your twitter feed or doing some online shopping can be really tempting, when you’re on a long conference call.

As tempting as it is, it kills your productivity and makes you seem unprofessional. So try to stay focused instead.

We hope these tips will be helpful during these next few weeks and beyond, as conference calls are becoming more important than ever.

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