2 years ago
Working from home 2 computers and people shaking hands

Managing employees working from home and facilitating online meetings is new to alot of us here are 10 tops tips for Effective Online Meetings.

  1. Embrace Video Calling – seeing each other is important to keeping connected.
  2. Use Headsets/Earphones – to give a better sound quality, remember to mute it when not speaking to limit background noise.
  3. Speak Clearly and Steadily – ensure everyone can understand you, try to modulate your voice to keep people interested and engaged.
  4. Establish Etiquette Guidelines – arrange a ‘hands up’ signal, allowing everyone to contribute.
  5. Repeat the Question – as chair repeat the question before answering so all participants are aware of the original question.
  6. Use Names and give Context – when responding to chat comments, repeat the relevant remarks, make it clear who you are responding to.
  7. Keep slides simple – focus on what is being discussed. It is better to have more slides with fewer things on them.
  8. Keep Slides Visual – anchor your presentation on relevant, image-based slides.
  9. Engage Participants Regularly – it is hard to listen online for a long time. Invite participants to give comments or ask questions, use tools like chat or polls.
  10. Be Explicit about Actions and Summarise – spell out any actions that need to be taken and by whom.

Remember summarise meeting and circulate notes promptly.

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