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WISTA UK announces their two keynote speakers for LISW 2019 conference 9 Sept @ City Hall. Spaces filling up fast
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Isabelle Rojon is a consultant at UMAS. Her research focuses on maritime greenhouse gas policies, the diffusion of technological innovation in shipping and environmental management. Before joining UMAS, she was a Senior Research & Editorial Executive at Fathom Maritime Intelligence, writing publications on environmental regulations and energy efficiency in the maritime industry, and has previously worked in the Energy & Environment Department of the research and consultancy company Ecorys in the Netherlands. Isabelle has a BA in Political and Economic Sciences from RWTH Aachen University, Germany and an MSc in Environmental Policy and Management from Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Anne Lise Kjaer is a renowned futurist and entrepreneur. Born in Denmark and resident in London, Kjaer holds the honorary title of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador. Recently, Singapore’s URA (Urban Development Authority) appointed her member of the IPE (International Panel of Experts) 2018-2021. Anne Lise Kjaer has delivered talks to over 50,000 people over the past two decades Kjaer has built an international reputation as an inspirational thinker and speaker. Her diverse outlook provides unique perspectives on global trends shaping tomorrow’s business and society. Over the past two decades, she has delivered talks and workshops to over 50,000 people across the world. Engagements include TEDx, AMBA, ESOMAR, European Union and The Economist conferences, and lectures at University of Cambridge, Lund University, LSE, HEC Business School and MIT. Author of The Trend Management Toolkit – A Practical Guide to the Future (Palgrave Macmillan 2014) Anne Lise Kjaer contributes to numerous academic papers and publications and has, among other collaborations, co-authored: There’s a Future (BBVA OpenMind 2012); Vision 2030 (Handelsblatt & Gabal 2012) and The Future of Business (Fast Future Publishing 2015).

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WISTA UK and Maritime UK Women’s Taskforce launches speaker bank

No more excuses not to have a least one women on panels or as a speaker/chair at events held in the UK. The Speaker Bank is a database of female speakers highlighting their areas of expertise visit the bank. If you want to join the bank please complete the form on Maritime UK’s website and you will be added to both sites.

WISTA UK – 45 Years

Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association UK or as we are better known WISTA UK would like to welcome you to our site and discover who we are and what we are all about and of course we will be delighted to welcome you as our next member!

WISTA UK our purpose is to help promote networking, provide educational activities and events and the exchange of experience among women who are working the sectors of shipping, maritime and international trade. With this in mind, we organise activities including site visits, seminars, workshops and industry related events where our members have the opportunity of meeting and forming relationships with other professionals working within the shipping industry.

Our members include naval architects, maritime lawyers, ship’s engineers, insurance and sale and purchase brokers, claims adjusters and many others working both directly in the industry and providing services to the industry.

WISTA UK is a member of WISTA International. WISTA UK is the oldest of all the National WISTA Associations dating back to 1974.



Each year, WISTA UK identifies projects designed to address essential strategic questions facing our industry and our members. During 2014 we wish to celebrate our 40 years by taking our networking a step further We wish to throw open our doors to the public. Our aim is to encourage young people to think about the maritime/shipping industry as a big opportunity to look for jobs. This could be a life changing opportunity for some.

The UK is heavily dependent on the maritime trade; over 90% of the goods we consume and export come (or go) by SHIP, but most of the public has no knowledge of the importance and necessary are those ships for our economy –food, fuel and goods.

Merchant shipping is the lifeblood of the world economy, there is an estimate of 102,000 commercial ships worldwide. They operate on the high seas, as well as on short distances among neighbouring countries (short sea) or from port to port within the same country (cabotage).

We want to inspire the young generation, by making the young people interested and think in our industry; if we could be their inspiration to look for a job opportunity within, or to get training to join our sector, this will mean that our work/mission has been worth it. If all together we can manage to attract young talents, we then can retire thinking that our legacy is safe in their hands and our industry will carry on.

For all of us that have a passion for shipping, this is very important, the certainty that our enthusiasm and wisdom is carried on by today’s youngsters. We were like them once upon a time, naïve and inexperience, but we were lucky enough to go into an industry that we love. Once the shipping “virus” got into us, we felt in love with shipping and never looked back! Therefore, let the Came by SHIP campaign and WISTA UK inspire you to inspire others.

2019 WISTA International Conference

WISTA International holds an annual conference every year, where the global members of WISTA meet.

The website for the WISTA International AGM & Conference 2019 is up & running


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