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President’s Message

President’s Message

Monica Kohli

President, WISTA-UK

Dear Visitor,

We are delighted to welcome you to WISTA-UK, an Association for women in shipping where we focus on all the opportunities the industry offers us.

Our members work in all the sectors of our industry, including but not limited to brokering, working with shipowner and ship managers, maritime lawyers, insurance, P&I, container companies, ports, cruise companies, academic, shipping associations, Flag States, spare parts purchasers, international organisations, surveyors, Port State Control, Class Societies, Government Organisations, Marine Telecommunications, the shipping press, journalists, event organisers, seagoing personnel.

We welcome women at all stages of their career and are also passionate about mentoring, so do reach out if you feel we can assist you with your career.

We also host regular events in the city and online designed to keep our members up to date and connected in our ever changing industry. We hold regular networking events, Women’s day events and join the International Shipping Week in London when its held.

Although we are a women’s association, our events are not exclusive to women, and we welcome men in our association as member, ambassadors, speakers and supporters.

We also connect with WISTA international and offer our members a connection with WISTA associations worldwide so you will always have a network wherever you go.

Join us and discover the world of WISTA-UK where you will network with professionals like you working in the shipping industry and forge friendships that will last a lifetime!

Monica Kohli is a Senior Lawyer at Gard UK Ltd. and has been practicing Maritime law for the last two decades.

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