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gender balance
Gender equality
Women in Maritime
WISTA founders presentation - Stella, Margaret and Gina

WISTA UK celebrating our 45th Anniversary @ The IMO

On 11 July, WISTA UK held an event to celebrate its 45th Anniversary and was delighted to be able to recognise 3 of the founders, who joined them from around the world on the night, Stella Marks, Margaret Llewellyn and Gina Fyffe (the first international member).

The founders spoke about their stories – the misogyny that was all prevalent when they joined the industry in the 70 s (“I don’t want women on the trading floor “; “now that you have a baby should you stay home and look after it“), how they  stayed on anyway and developed the sisterhood that was WISTA and stayed at the top of the game . Don’t let anyone stop you doing what you want was the message with a hint of sadness that there is still a need for WISTA – and that there is still a gender pay gap.

Maria Dixon was also celebrated for being one the oldest and most visible faces of WISTA UK – for her dedication and her energy and infectious joy!

The ABBA tribute band/ the DJ: the weather and the view contributed to the IMO seeing another great event at its premises and WISTA UK ready for another 45 years – #womenwhomovetheworld #womeninshipping #womeninmaritime #the100%

WISTA UK was also able to raise £400 which will be matched by them for their two 2019 charities Seafarers UK and the Maritime Skills Alliance.

‘Imposter Syndrome – Know your worth and stop feeling like a fraud’

Follow-up from our Imposter Syndrome event on February 18th 2019 with speaker Simone Ingram.

‘Imposter Syndrome – Know your worth and stop feeling like a fraud’

What do Sheryl Sandberg, Sonia Sotomayor and Maya Angelou all have in common? They all admit to suffering from Imposter Syndrome.  Even the most capable and talented people, especially women, struggle with having feelings of never being good enough and feeling like a fraud.

Do you think other people are more qualified than you to do your job?  That you’ve just got there by luck or timing?  Believe ‘If I can do it, anybody can’? Agonise over the smallest flaws in your work? When you succeed, do you secretly feel like you fooled everyone again?  Do you fear that it’s only a matter of time before you are ‘found out’?

In Simone’s coaching experience, Imposter Syndrome is really common despite all the external indicators of success; internally individuals can feel it’s a fluke and that one day they’ll be found out.

So if this is a familiar struggle that you identify with, take comfort in the fact you are not alone and here are some tips to help you.

  • Choose to think positive thoughts and challenge negative beliefs
  • Recognise, anticipate and name your imposter feelings – what are your potential triggers?
  • Use your logical brain to reduce feelings of fear and or anxiety
  • Use the power of breathing and adopting a more relaxed and open physical posture, ‘power poses’. The TED Talk by Amy Cuddy shows how the adoption of physical stances can have a positive impact psychologically on you
  • Focus on the elements that you know and believe you are GOOD at

These are just some ways you can manage and reduce your imposter feelings.  What will work for someone may not for another but you CAN change and manage your self-limiting beliefs and body so as to reduce your imposter feelings.  BUT it will take a conscious effort on your part to expand out of your comfort zones to develop new habits and ways of thinking and in turn feelings.  You will need to be patient, persistent and importantly you will need to show yourself some compassion!

Simone Ingram, an Executive Coach from 3E Coaching, with over 20 years international corporate and leadership development experience, coaches leaders and high potential individuals helping them understand and work through challenges they are facing or key decisions they are contemplating, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, a lack of self-confidence and or emotional intelligence; enthusing and empowering them to recognise their full range of talents and capabilities leading to increased confidence, resilience, creativity and adoption of new leadership behaviours. 

If you have any further questions, do please feel free to reach out to Simone.




Imperial Women’s Network – Innovation in Transport Event
Sue Imperial Women's Group Feb 2019

“Collaboration, capability and culture.” These are the conditions needed to achieve innovation according to John Pelton MBE, Programme Director, Jacobs Consultancy. Speaking at the Imperial Women’s Network Innovation in Transport event (6 Feb 2019), John was discussing the Innovate18, the legacy Crossrail Innovation programme.

John led an engaged audience of alumni, students and guests through several practical exercises in his interactive presentation. He discussed the conditions required for innovation to occur and the inhibitors. Outlining the unique Crossrail approach of innovation teams and champions, John explained how this allowed all individuals working on the project to become their own innovators, leading to a unique collaborative approach. The project provided the strategy and process for managing innovation in mega projects of the future.

Reflecting on the legacy left by Crossrail, John talked about the iP3 programme, a platform forging collaborations across the infrastructure industry ‘helping transform ideas in to opportunities’.

“The barriers to innovation include cost, time, disruption, lack of trust, risk or lack of sponsorship to name but a few. Take these inhibitors away and create an environment where collaboration is universal and innovative solutions and ideas will flourish.”

The audience, which included representatives from the construction, rail and shipping industries, then heard from He-In Cheong, a PhD student at Imperial College London working on integrating modelling platforms. He-In discussed the future of automated transport, which “by 2035+ will be fully machine-led and all humans will be passengers.”

“Currently 90% of all road traffic accidents are caused by human error therefore by removing the need for human control (and emotion) in the future infrastructure systems, transport will be safer and more efficient.” 

He-In and her colleagues at Imperial are looking at the smart cities of the future, designing systems that work with autonomous cars including vertical car parks, to meet the needs of an ever-increasing urban population. “The transport systems of the future will be smarter, more effective and better meet the needs of users. There will be less timetabling of public transport, which is currently very inflexible. The future systems will be reactive, and therefore more efficient.”

Our third guest speaker was Sue Terpilowski OBE, Managing Director, Image Line Communications and President of Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association UK Chapter. Sue began by outlining the ways that the maritime sector is already pushing the boundaries of innovation, for example, the introduction of container ships revolutionised the way that goods and maritime transport took place.

“These are exciting times for the shipping industry and there is lots of opportunities. Although autonomous ships will only account for about 30% of all shipping in the future, there will be many ways we can make ships semi-autonomous. And through great data collection and analysis we can make them more efficient and work better with the oceans’ ecosystems.”

Sue talked about some of the efficiency measures already in place, such as the use of drones to check quay-side maintenance in ports. She also discussed the innovative approach taken by port of Hanover, which rescheduled it shipping timetable to better meet the needs of the city. “Instead of working in silos, which so often happens in shipping – the city and port authorities looked at the overall movement of traffic round the city and port. Using smart technology and a systems thinking approach they identified ways to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the city.”

The future of shipping will include innovations around; the type of fuel big ships use; increased use of sensors to gather data on weather conditions and logistics to enable enhanced efficiencies; and a greater systems thinking approach, looking at the industry and its impact on ports and cities as a whole, not on isolation. And finally but most importantly Sue believes in addressing the gender parity of the industry.  “STEM is so integral to the future of shipping, that with more women studying these disciplines, the opportunity is greater than ever to address the need for 50/50 split workforce and ensure a gender balance.”

Our thanks to alumna Salma Suleyman (Mechanical Engineering MENg 2011), a rail systems engineering manager with Jacobs for organising this event.

The Imperial Women’s Network welcomes alumni from Imperial College London, and friends interested in advancing women’s leadership in business. They host several event thorough the year.

WISTA UK Diwali in the city event
WISTA UK diwali in the city event

The WISTA UK Diwali in the city event and talk about the festival of lights. Which brought together #womenwhomovetheworld #womenleaders and supporters (Kevin Cooper and Roberto Peroni ). Always a delight to bring together friends and celebrate all together. Thank you all for coming and happy Diwali!

And a big thank you to Monica Kohli Senior Lawyer from Gard for organising it for WISTA UK

October Newsletter



October 2016

Welcome to our newsletter


New WISTA UK Website

WISTA UK has launched its new website, members should have received an email with a link to log in and update their passwords and profiles, if you can’t find it please contact us and we will resend it. The new website will become a vital part of WISTA UK building an online community as well as the physical one, we will have discussion groups, online networking and a market place.



Reminder: 2016 WISTA international AGM!

Just a quick reminder that the AGM this year is being hosted by WISTA USA onboard the MS Koningsdam, departing Fort Lauderdale on 9 November 2016.

For further details and to register for the AGM please visit the WISTA website at:  http://www.wista2016international.com/

Diary dates!
3 November 
Drinks, WISTA UK Liverpool, venue tbc

15 November WISTA UK London – Joint Networking with Time & Tide After Hours – National Maritime (NMDG) 
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
The Old Tea Warehouse, 4-8 Creechurch Lane, London EC3A 5AY
Cost: Free

9-13 November WISTA International AGM and Conference, MS Koningsdam

£1.5m raised for OSCAR

Hundreds of shipping luminaries joined forces at the 3rd annual Dragon Boat Race on 16 September to raise money for the OSCAR Campaign and brought the total funds raised to an incredible £1.5million target. 19 teams took to dragon boats on the Thames, racing each other and competing for the coveted winner’s medals. Sponsored by Lloyd’s Register and Liberian Registry, the event was a resounding success.
The biggest fundraisers of the day were Union Maritime and Scorpio, each raising over £21,000. But the winning team – in gruelling windy conditions on a chilly Thames – were the North of England P&I Club.

Photos of the 2016 event can be found at:


Mapping a maritime career

On 12 October, WISTA Southampton held an event at Southampton Solent University to discuss careers at sea and what can be done to attract more people into the shipping industry.

Students studying maritime courses at Southampton Solent and Plymouth Universities joined industry representatives from entities including SeaVision, Lloyds Register, Human Rights at Sea and IMS Shipping to discuss what young people need and expect when making decisions about maritime careers.

For a full story of the event see: https://www.solent.ac.uk/news/school-of-maritime-science-and-engineering/2016/maritime-careers-wista

Meet a member!

Héra Mpondo – Mines & Metals Risk Analyst at Anglo American

Hera is a Risk Specialist within the Mining industry. She focuses on Base and Precious metals
trading at Anglo American where she is in charge of risk measurement for Thermal Coal, Platinum and Copper markets.

Her experience has included several Consulting positions, where she specialized in advising investment banking institutions and trading & shipping houses on their risk management tools and policies.

Hera holds an MBA from the University of Geneva where she specialized in Commodity Trading and Shipping and she also achieved a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Commodity Trading from the Geneva School of Economics and Management.

Hera is a member of the CTA Alumni association, a group related to the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association which aims at promoting networking among its members and between its members and the trading and shipping industry worldwide. 





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