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WISTA UK Lunch Time Zoom Hang Outs- Encouraging Diversity while working online

WISTA UK launches Friday Lunch Time Zoom Hangouts to preserve diversity in the new world of work

These past few weeks have thrown us into a whirlwind, as we struggle to keep up with the many changes to our lives and routines, especially regarding our work lives. With the number of new challenges we deal with, as we adjust to these new working conditions, encouraging diversity in the workplace might seem like less of a priority. However, supporting women in the industry is now more important than ever to make sure diversity doesn’t take a backseat in our new work reality.

In an effort to unite and support it’s members in these critical times, WISTA is launching the Friday Lunch Time Zoom Hangouts, an online networking event, where WISTA members can virtually meet up every Friday at 1pm, discuss a themed topic and navigate these uncertain times together.

To kick off the meetings, a number of WISTA’s chairs met up through zoom on April 17th and gave a taste of what the following weekly Hang Outs might look like. Although a variety of topics were discussed, this first meeting focused on the challenges and opportunities remote working imposes for diversity in the industry.

As we explore ways to work and communicate online, doors are opened and borders are drawn simultaneously. Online meetings can without a doubt be a great opportunity to enforce transparency and accessibility since the meetings aren’t tied to a specific place anymore. Instead of attending meetings physically, people from around the world can now easily take part in meetings through the click of a mouse and offer perspectives, that might’ve remained unheard otherwise.

However, with this communication method becoming the new norm, it also becomes easier to cut people out of meetings with the click of a mouse, making exclusion easier than ever.

It is our responsibility to ensure, that our new communication tools are used to promote diversity and inclusivity. WISTA’s new Friday Lunch Time Zoom Hang Outs are an effort to achieve that by creating a platform for women in the Maritime Industry to network and share their thoughts freely. Held every Friday from 1pm to 2:30 pm all WISTA members and friends are invited to join.