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gender balance
Gender equality
Women in Maritime
June 4, 2019

WISTA members (and their families) could not have asked for a more prefect day to exchange information, develop professional contacts and raise funds for a worthy cause.   Team WISTA walked 5k, raising £695.00 (plus £152.50 in gift-aid) in Race for Life 2019 which was held in Regents Park, London, on May 18th.  Socializing continued after the event with a relaxed pizza lunch.  It was a good time had by all and we propose doing it again next year.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Pictured in no particular order and not all on both photos:

Amanda Hastings, Anita Machado Gomes (WISTA Brazil), Elizabeth Bouchard, Jacqueline Tan, Meredith Yang, Natasha Brown, Nikki Chu, Rachel Lawton, and Winnie Sorensen

Not Pictured: Susana Harding, Roza Karra Kallidromitou, Tracey Sellors

How to be a Non-Executive Director


WISTA UK members were urged to improve their leadership and management skills in a bid to improve on the 10% of females at board level in the country’s industry.

Nearly 50 members heard presentations on non-executive directorships (NEDs) at a meeting sponsored by Gard UK.

Fiona Harthorn of Women on Boards called for more transparency in the recruitment of women at the highest level but also challenged females to build more career resilience and to gain confidence, even if they had taken a career break.



Giving some practical advice, Paul Butterworth of head hunter Odgers said the covering letter was all important and he urged WISTA UK members to use their networks effectively.

Mairéad Ní Cheóinín, from Seafarers UK, who serves as a NED, regaled the audience with her experiences which she said were positive. She urged WISTA Uk members to be persistent as the first attempt may not be successful.

‘Imposter Syndrome – Know your worth and stop feeling like a fraud’

Follow-up from our Imposter Syndrome event on February 18th 2019 with speaker Simone Ingram.

‘Imposter Syndrome – Know your worth and stop feeling like a fraud’

What do Sheryl Sandberg, Sonia Sotomayor and Maya Angelou all have in common? They all admit to suffering from Imposter Syndrome.  Even the most capable and talented people, especially women, struggle with having feelings of never being good enough and feeling like a fraud.

Do you think other people are more qualified than you to do your job?  That you’ve just got there by luck or timing?  Believe ‘If I can do it, anybody can’? Agonise over the smallest flaws in your work? When you succeed, do you secretly feel like you fooled everyone again?  Do you fear that it’s only a matter of time before you are ‘found out’?

In Simone’s coaching experience, Imposter Syndrome is really common despite all the external indicators of success; internally individuals can feel it’s a fluke and that one day they’ll be found out.

So if this is a familiar struggle that you identify with, take comfort in the fact you are not alone and here are some tips to help you.

  • Choose to think positive thoughts and challenge negative beliefs
  • Recognise, anticipate and name your imposter feelings – what are your potential triggers?
  • Use your logical brain to reduce feelings of fear and or anxiety
  • Use the power of breathing and adopting a more relaxed and open physical posture, ‘power poses’. The TED Talk by Amy Cuddy shows how the adoption of physical stances can have a positive impact psychologically on you
  • Focus on the elements that you know and believe you are GOOD at

These are just some ways you can manage and reduce your imposter feelings.  What will work for someone may not for another but you CAN change and manage your self-limiting beliefs and body so as to reduce your imposter feelings.  BUT it will take a conscious effort on your part to expand out of your comfort zones to develop new habits and ways of thinking and in turn feelings.  You will need to be patient, persistent and importantly you will need to show yourself some compassion!

Simone Ingram, an Executive Coach from 3E Coaching, with over 20 years international corporate and leadership development experience, coaches leaders and high potential individuals helping them understand and work through challenges they are facing or key decisions they are contemplating, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, a lack of self-confidence and or emotional intelligence; enthusing and empowering them to recognise their full range of talents and capabilities leading to increased confidence, resilience, creativity and adoption of new leadership behaviours. 

If you have any further questions, do please feel free to reach out to Simone.




WISTA UK Free Seminar – China’s Belt and Road initiative
July 13, 2017

Today WISTA UK held a free seminar at Thomas Miller in London. Catherine Smith, Senior Associate, Holman Fenwick and Willan (HFW), a WISTA sister visiting from Hong Kong examined China’s trillion dollar Belt and Road initiative. This aims to ease trade between China and its 60 neighbours along the Silk Road. We would like to thank Catherine for a wonderful presentation, Thomas Miller for hosting us and all who attended and contributed.



Joint Networking with the Propeller Club
April 12, 2017

WISTA UK were delighted to co-host an informal networking event with the Propeller Club yesterday at the Old Tea House in Aldgate yesterday.






Attendees traveled in from a stone throw’s away to as far as Portsmouth to attend and the variety of backgrounds and careers made it an interesting and valuable networking opportunity.

We will another relaxed networking event with the Propeller Club on the 9th May. For further details, please click here.

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