WISTA Hellas celebrates Posidonia 2014 with an enjoyable evening of Greek flavors and Wines

4 years ago

The WISTA Hellas 2014 Posidonia reception was held on Tuesday, 3 June, at the Vive Mar Bar in Voula, where members and Wista visiting members from other countries gathered to enjoy a lovely evening of wine tasting and Greek flavors. WISTA Hellas sponsors, as well as Press representatives also joined the successful event which ended up hosting over 250 WISTA supporters in all!

The Board of Directors of WISTA Hellas greeted and welcomed each of their guests including many of the previous WISTA Hellas Board Executives as well as prominent names in the shipping community, and grasped the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing evening with them.

The 2014 Posidonia Exhibition attracted both exhibitors and visitors from many countries and proved to be one of the most successful events dating back to its founding. WISTA Hellas’s reception was very well received as the Association’s tribute to the Exhibition while combining it with a cheerful summer kick-off in an environment conducive to appreciating some of what Greece has to offer while also doing what WISTA does best, providing the perfect atmosphere to network within the company of others in the shipping industry.

The success of the gathering was evident, not only from the attendance, but easily judged by the still packed venue of guests well after the party should have long before ended.

The event was supported by Ms Eleni Chrysikopoulou and Ms Claire Perifanou and sponsored by Barafakas, Zitsas, Zoinos and Vourvoukeli wineries who provided the array of Greek Wines offered during the reception as well as the services of Mr Sokratis Ioannidis, the Sommelier who gave the guests useful tips about the wines served.

During the event, the President Mrs. Angie Hartmann remarked “We have always been aware of the fact that the Greek shipping industry stands strong in many aspects and in rough weathers. This year’s Posidonia is yet another proof to that and demonstrates the whole world’s deep estimation to the contribution of Greek shipping to world shipping. I am happy that we can celebrate this tonight together with so many members and good friends, many of whom have travelled a long way to be here with us. After all, this is the essence of WISTA: Team spirit, hard work and friendship”.
Source: WISTA Hellas