ICS sees surge in shipping students

4 years ago

Newly released statistics from the London headquartered Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) show a 44% rise in the number of students taking its exams. 5,838 have already confirmed that they will be taking the ICS exams in 2012.


According to ICS, this increase is further evidence that internationally, maritime businesses are heeding professional advice to maintain and/or increase training budgets and not cut them during recessionary times in order to emerge fitter from an economic downturn.

ICS director Julie Lithgow * commented: β€œIt is very encouraging to see an increased commitment to quality training from both the maritime industry and individuals seeking recognition as maritime professionals. This significant increase in examination registrations is indicative of the ability of the maritime industry to look to the future during austere times.”

The professional examinations provided by ICS mark the start of the path to ICS membership and cover 16 subject areas from Legal Principles to Terminal Management. All examinations – Foundation and Advanced Diplomas, as well as Professional Qualifying Examinations – are undertaken in April every year.

* Julie Lithgow is a WISTA-UK member

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