Young women wanting to join the cruise business!

2 years ago

Alot of young women choose a career because they have had at least some sort of rub or interest with the business. Visits to Hospitals, holidays using Airlines, following their parents careers brings us nurses, stewardesses, vets etc… Unfortunately the cruising business is not immediately recognised as a childs ideal holiday and unless the parents pick a cruise line that actively welcomes children and has specific activities for them, they are generally considered a nuisance onboard. So how does a young woman learn that there is an onboard career available for her?

The total worldwide ocean cruise capacity at the end of this year will be 537,000 passengers and 314 ships. Annualized total passengers carried worldwide will be 26 million, an increase of 3.3% over 2017. So are there jobs a plenty and how do you get access to them?

It is not an easy task. There are many specialised cruise job agencies and each year more cruise lines are using them. They explain what Jobs are available and what you are expected to do in the position. They ask you to send a c.v. and then you have to wait to see if you get past the, what is known as the “computer stage”. On asking one of the large agencies to explain how they sort through the thousands of c.v´s they receive I was told that computers scan the c.v´s and they are looking for Key words. If you are applying as a receptionist if at least that word does not show 3 times in your c.v then the c.v. is rejected.

Many agencies are specialized in one or two areas of the ship, for instance, the deck and engine crew and maritime officers positions are on the webpages of maritime academies and agencies.

Everything that is classified as passenger comfort is under the Hotel Department. These positions are usually on the webpages of the cruise job agencies.

On most modern ships the Spa, Shops, Hairdressers, Entertainment, Photograph departments are autonomous in that the ship usually has a contract with a well known Company and this Company places staff onboard so future employees have to go directly to the HR department of that Company.

Out- scourcing on ships is becoming very popular as it takes away many headaches for the cruise line when extra staff is needed and if an employee does not adapt to cruise life, the ship can ask for a replacement.

On a cruise ship there are 4 senior managerial positions to aim for if you want to make a career in this business. 3 of them are Captains. How can there be 3 Captains? Yes, the Chief Engineer holds a Captain´s license so does the Staff Captain and of course the main Captain who is called the “Master” to differentiate him from the first 2. The 4th senior person is the Hotel Director. The 3 Captains are classified as the technical team and the Hotel Director heads up the passenger welfare team.

Our future female Captains will be starting out as cadets and going through marine academies either paying their own way or applying for the many sponserships. There are a number of sponsoring shipping companies, training management companies and charitable organisations who recruit UK and EU nationals as navigation, marine engineer and marine electro-technical officer cadets. Most companies have further information about their officer cadetships on their websites.

Our future Hotel Directors as of yet have no academies to train in. Usually a Director makes his/her way up through the ranks and working in all departments so that the seniority is gained by on-hand experience over the years.

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